I’m a firm believer in the concept of simplifying and eliminating distraction. But some things need to stay.

I talk a lot about decluttering, but you don’t need to get rid of everything. The whole idea is to get the less important stuff out of the way so you can really appreciate the things you value most. So, appreciate them!

When you find something you love, hold onto it! And don’t believe people when they tell you there is no value or happiness in “things.”  Not true.

Are people more important than things? Sure.  But there is tremendous value in physical objects that you love.

Without a doubt, some people are too attached to their possessions and they are weighed down and limited. In those situations, it’s good to learn how to part with attachments.

But I’m concerned that others feel guilted into getting rid of things that they truly value in the name of “simple living” or “minimalism.”

If you value those 5 boxes of keepsakes from your grandparents attic, keep them!

If you find joy in covering your wall with hundreds of random snapshots, do it!

If you want to have 15 different coffee mugs, you can have them!

If you want a tablet just because you like playing with gadgets, go for it! (assuming it’s within your budget)

If you love it, keep it! Even if the only purpose it serves is bringing you joy. Sometimes, the strangest little things can make you happy.

I have this weird blanket that I love! It’s huge and lightweight-but-comforting. It is perfect for early morning coffee times or evening movies. Perhaps it’s tied to some deeper psychological meaning. Who knows? But I really like it!

So I’m keeping it.

How about you? Do you ever feel pressure to get rid of things that you love? What objects come to mind when you read this? Are you gonna keep them?