Adjustments & deserving the best for yourself.

Life is a constant journey that requires you to stay focused and live well so that you can succeed in your endeavor.

You should not expect everything to be smooth in life because there are challenges and wins in it. They do not define you but rather it’s how you handle them that makes or breaks you. In your day to day steps in this journey, how you live has to be right with you, and thus you deserve the best for yourself.


You being in charge of your life should be able to become a critic of yourself and make the right choices. Once you realize that you are not on the right path yet, it pleases you but in the long run will destroy, adjust and let the path you take now make you.

As said, you are in charge of your own life...

…and thus you ought to continually adjust to changes that will lead to quality results. Friends and family will be there in your life to either see you succeed or rebuke you. You should know that it’s not everyone who should be on your team. It may seem selfish to avoid or break ties with them, but it’s a smart choice than instead having a big team on your side that is not making you. You deserve the best, and hence you need only those who will be with you and play a part in your success. 

Constant adjustments to situations are quite a necessity in life.

You may want to eat the best junks or meals in town but to be live well you need to feed health.

You may want to buy the best clothes in the malls, but you should save for a better future. In life, you should always focus on the price and not what is on your dispose of. You would rather not have fun today for the benefit of securing a future where you will live just like you dream it to be.


Constant adjustments are more of a daily correction that you need to embrace. Be more of a listener in what you do wrong that critic and blame the person trying to help you out. Listen and if they are right to make the change. Reflect on your inner soul and question your actions and decisions if they give you peace or do you need to make a change. 

Focus gives you direction and purpose in life.

If you have no direction, you are headed nowhere, but if you have a purpose and you direct yourself through actions and focus on the goal success is paramount.

Do not settle for less but constantly adjust on being better than you did previously. Always have a driven life and motivate yourself for its only you whom you should compete with. Make peace with yourself so that you are never guilty of decisions you make and do not let success become an idea you had but an action you decided to focus on.