4 Simple Tips for Becoming a Better Person

4 simple tips becoming better person v2I want to be a better person tomorrow than I am today. Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you want the same thing!

It’s so easy to get discouraged when we focus on our failures. We sometimes feel like we’ll never be all that we’d like to be.

Success in this area depends on the little decisions we make every single day.  So, it’s important that we not allow fear of failure to paralyze us and stop us from taking steps in the right direction TODAY.

How we define “a Better Person” will vary with each of us based on our values.

Whatever our definition, here are 4 Simple Tips to remember as you pursue getting “better”:

1- Surround yourself with good people.

Each of us will be drastically affected by the people with whom we spend time.  … Read More

5 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Say “I Don’t Know”

say i don't know

Why is it SO hard to say “I don’t know”? It’s a simple sentence made up of three very basic words… but they’re weighty!

It’s not uncommon for us to feel tremendous pressure to have all the answers. We are managing expectations being put on us by friends and co-workers, as well as those we place on ourselves.

It’s easy to give in to the pressure and act like you know something that you really don’t.  Pride can be hard to swallow.  You don’t want to feel like an idiot in front of the others, so you lie, or twist the truth, or, at the very least, answer deceitfully.  You already know this, but I’ll remind you again…

That’s not good.

It will likely come back to bite you.  If not, you still have to live with yourself.

On the other hand, there are times when you live up to your values and speak honestly.… Read More

Why I decided to trust the world again with what I believe

2 Reasons to Be Yourself

I decided to trust the world again

My relationship with the internet is complicated. On the one hand, I’m amazed at the ability to connect with like-minded people all over the world on very specific topics. On the other hand, at times I’m turned off by the entitlement and anger that works it’s way into threads and posts.

You’re probably nodding in agreement right now.

Social media isn’t good or bad. It’s amoral. It just magnifies and amplifies the character and perspective of the person using it. Which means it has HUGE potential to build and encourage and help, as well as tear down and criticize and destroy. That’s just the way it is. You can’t have one without the other.

Throughout my life, I’ve worked hard to be authentic and consistent. I’ve always valued “keepin’ it real” and not acting like something that I’m not. However, I also realize the importance of reserving your influence. I know it’s important to choose your words carefully because a) you could hurt someone, or b) your words could be twisted and used against you.… Read More

5 Questions to Ask Before Trusting Someone’s Information

questions before trusting information TOSOC

Who do you trust? Who do you go to for dependable information? When you realize the importance of questioning your beliefs, you begin to look around for additional information and perspectives. But where do you look?

The sources we reference are pretty important.

These days, there is more information flying around us than ever before. It’s not always easy to sort through it and find the truth.

I’m not going to tell you who you should listen to. That’s up to you.

I just want to recommend some questions to ask yourself when you’re making those decisions.

Before we look at those questions, here are a few things to think about:

You must dig and pursue answers. You owe it to yourself to do some homework on the things you claim to believe. You can’t just “take everyone’s word for it” on the most important things. You have to find out why.… Read More

6 Reasons Why You Should Question Your Beliefs

Question beliefs TOSOC

What you believe is really important. Your beliefs affect your actions and influence the direction of your life. If they are healthy and appropriate, that’s a good thing. If they are misaligned and based on false assumptions, they can create all kinds of chaos.

You might think that questioning your beliefs should be an obvious and natural thing to do. But not everyone thinks so.

  • Scared that we’ll look stupid because of what we’ve believed all these years.
  • Scared that the other guy might be right.
  • Scared that we won’t like the answer we’ll find.
  • Scared that there won’t be an answer.
  • Etc.

Many people struggle with the idea of reconsidering their assumptions. If that’s where you are today, I’d like to recommend…

6 Reasons Why You Should Question Your Beliefs:

1. Truth can stand scrutiny.Read More

Victory over clutter- one battle at a time

Attack 1 problem area with these 5 steps!

victory over clutterNo matter how cluttered your life has become, there is a way out! Even if you have piles of stuff everywhere you turn, you can gain a small victory, today!

And a small victory is all you need. It’s the next step.

When we look at the whole house or the whole project or our whole career or our whole life, and see ALL that we have to do, we get frustrated.

Don’t do that to yourself today. That will only make you feel worse.

Instead, just pick ONE area that has gotten a little out of control and do something about it.

You probably can’t solve all your problems this week, but you can DEFINITELY gain a small victory over one problem area!

It might be…

  • ONE closet.
  • ONE room.
  • ONE countertop.
  • ONE section of the garage.
  • ONE car.
  • ONE drawer.
  • ONE bookshelf.
  • ONE page of your email inbox.
  • ONE stack of papers.
Read More

3 Benefits of Simplifying as a Family

I have a larger-than-average size family. Jen and I have six kids ranging from 10 to 18 years of age. As you can imagine, we have a lot of activity.

Because of this, it’s been even more important for us to be intentional about how we spend our time and how we manage our stuff.

And it’s been more than worth it!

There are a number of benefits that we’ve experienced over the past few years as we’ve pursued a life of simpler focus.

Here are 3 that come to mind, immediately: (I share them with you as an encouragement!)

1- Closer relationships.

Because we say “no” to a lot of the hectic activity that is typical in our culture, we are able to spend quality time with each of them.… Read More

RECOMMENDED RESOURCE- Podcast about “Belief”

On occasion, I’ll share some of the stuff that I find helpful. Today’s one of those days!

My friend Dave recommended the Philosophize This! PODCAST to me a few weeks ago and I’m about 4 episodes deep. You may or may not be into the history of philosophy, but I think you’ll like this particular episode on “Belief.”

What we believe matters. And I’ve always been interested in the “whys” behind our beliefs. Living well implies deeper dives into how the world works.

Here’s the host’s description of the episode so you know what to expect: “We start out by discussing two major complications that belief brings to the table. First, absolute certainty is impossible–even certainty about the fact that “certainty is impossible”. Second, we can convince ourselves to believe in literally anything we want (such as the belief that demonic possession is achieved through rustling curtains and slamming doors). Next, we talk about justified, true belief and the multitude of ways our beliefs can be proven wrong. Finally, we learn how to put our beliefs under a microscope and why it’s absolutely necessary to do so in order to achieve true knowledge.”


What does ‘simple living’ mean to me?

what simple living means to me upd

‘Simple Living’ means different things to different people. For some, it involves selling everything you own and traveling around the world with a backpack. For others, it means eating all-natural foods and becoming more at-one with the earth.

But that’s not what it means to me.

Realizing the variety of simplicity-promoters, Joel (from SimpleRev) recently asked the open question: “What does simple living mean to you?” and asked for video responses.

I uploaded my response, but I wanted to share it with you here, as well.

My short answer to that question would be something like: freeing up enough space to be able to focus on those things which are most important.

While it’s true that I value blank space and peaceful moments, those aren’t the natural environment I find myself in on most days. My wife and I have 6 kids ranging from 10 to 18 with all kinds of hobbies and activities.… Read More