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What we mean when we say, “Less is more”

The phrase has been floating around the internet with increasing circulation. Many have adopted it as a mantra and have found it to be very true in their personal and professional lives. But what does it mean? Read the full article>>

What will you do with this short, beautiful life?

Life is relatively short. The sooner we come to grips with our limitations, the sooner we take seriously the responsibility of filling those days with “the right stuff.” We have the ability to choose how we spend our days.  Read the full article>>

I’m not sure if I’m a minimalist, but my friends call me one

I like the idea of minimalism. My friends often refer to me as a “minimalist.” I’m just not sure I qualify. To be completely honest, I don’t really care. Let me explain… Read the full article>>

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else!

No, seriously, stop it. You can’t measure yourself with other people’s opportunities and circumstances. You can’t assume that you know everything about their situation based on your limited perspective. Read the full article>>

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